Dar es Salaam City Tours

Dar es Salaam City Tours
Dar es Salaam City Tours

Over the last century Dar es salaam has grown from a fishing village into one of the outstanding coastal capital of the world. The beaches are amazing and pristine with an African character. Story of the City of Dar es Salaam which simply means "Haven of Peace" starts from 1850s, when the Sultan of Zanzibar decided to move his port and trading centre from Bagamoyo to Dar es salaam.

The strategy behind the move was due to steam ship services.  The German High Commissioner's office was moved from Bagamoyo to Dar es salaam in 1891, and in 1902 a floating dock was inaugurated. Later, a central railway to Lake Tanganyika was constructed to improve the port.

You can start your day by seeing the attractions of Dar es salaam main attractions from Askari Monument, Mnazi Moja Park,  Mwenge  traditional wooden carvings market, famous Tinga Tinga painters Centre, State House, National Museum and Fish Markets among the few.

Dar es Salaam Cultural Tours
You Can also visit Dar es Salaam back yard community and meet with real natives Wazaramo while experiencing real local lifestyle. Become part of a family. Learn tribal dances, eat the food, listen and take part in the oral history. All this tours can be Walking tours, Bicycle Tour, Bajaj (rickshaw) tour or Motor Vehicle 

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